Determining your business structure is one of the first steps to achieving success in the corporate landscape. Without a clear cut corporate identity, your business will find difficulty progressing down the line. If you are looking to engage in international business, the best option for you is to register a company offshore. With this type of structure, a company can open a local bank account and engage in international trading.

  • In addition, this business structure also enjoys numerous exclusive benefits. Companies that register under this kind of structure are entitled various advantages, including the following:
  • 100 per cent ownership – unlike owning a typical company in UAE, an offshore establishment allows complete foreign ownership.
  • Complete repatriation of profits and capital – this type of business structure allows for conversion of profits and capital from foreign currency to local currency.
  • Exemption from personal and corporate tax – offshore establishments are not required to pay corporate and personal tax.
  • Complete confidentiality of operational processes – businesses that register under this category enjoy complete privacy with regards their operational processes.
  • Information and asset protection – establishments that register as a legitimate entity under this category are not obliged to share any information about their assets unless requested by the proper authorities.
  • Exemption from import and export tax – companies established offshore are not subjected to import and export tax.

 Dubai Offshore Company Registration Made Easier

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